About Albert “OH” Ochosa

Graphic Design is My Concert Venue

Inspired by the world, driven by music, focused on individuality.

Rising Sun Media S.L.U. is a global branding and fashion company founded in 2002 by Albert “OH” Ochosa and Scott Lunt in San Francisco, California. Now based in Madrid, Spain, Rising Sun Media continues its mission as a boutique design house.

I’ve been working with Albert for 8 years. He is my go to creative resource when I need best in class ideas, execution and creative strategy. His work is award winning and his process is timely and professional. I truly enjoy the opportunity to work with him. Phil Shalala, CEO/CMO/Advisor/Entrepreneur/VP of Marketing CMO Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas (2003-2011)


Multi-disciplinary design services on a global scale.

Branding & Identity
Industrial Design
Concert Art


To treat every client as if they are my only client. This has been my mantra since day one – to service my valued clients and partners quickly, cost-effectively, and have access to me at a moment’s notice.


The great part about being based in Madrid, Spain is that there is a wealth of all the famous art, architecture and history that always seems to inspire me. I even take in a bit of their pop-culture. In my day to day operations, I always have the music playing in the studio. I make it a point to read and respond to every email and phone call. And because most of my client work is based in the United States, they love it when they see their comps or final work delivered first thing in the morning.

ABOUT ALBERT “OH” OCHOSA Art Director/Visual Affairs

  • B.A. University of Washington – Graduated 1995
  • Consulting Art Director: Hard Rock Hotel, Hard Rock Casino, Franchises Worldwide 2005-Present
  • Consulting Art Director: Moku iMedia
  • Art Director of Record: Count’s Kustoms and Affiliated Companies 2003-Present
  • Signature Co-Branded Hard Rock Hotel Fashion Collection Spring 2012
  • Signature Co-Branded Hard Rock Hotel Fashion Collection Fall/Winter 2015
  • Signature iPhone & Samsung Mobile Device Cases for Xentris Wireless 2013-2015
  • Co-Founder, Creative Director O3Grooming, Inc. – Instant Beard and Moustache Wax

Albert “OH” Ochosa is a hands-on Art Director, Musician and Philanthropist – with over 14 years within the music, tech, nightlife and high-end consumer branding industry. Albert graduated from the University of Washington in 1995 and landed his first job building law firm networks and intranets. It was at this job that he first learned to build creative websites and multimedia experiences.In 2002, Albert co-founded Rising Sun Media, at the time developing new technology for law firm digital evidence display. All his collective interests finally came together in the form of a client, custom chopper shop Count’s Kustoms in 2002. Here, Albert was able to let out his true rock side and combine music, fashion and lifestyle to this brand. It was the Danny “The Count” Koker of Count’s Kustoms who recommended Albert to the Hard Rock Hotel in 2005. It was that same year that Albert created his first project for the property, a bank of slot machines for Count’s Kustoms next to the famous Center Bar. Since then, he has become fully immersed into the Hard Rock’s world – reimagining things from The Joint logo to rendering collectible concert posters. He has been the Creative Director and later a design consultant during what is considered the property’s most creative and enterprising period – during their multi-million dollar expansion. Today Albert remains a frequent collaborator with the brand developing franchise-wide creative. In addition to servicing his diverse array of clients, Albert OH is also a consumer brand name.  Albert launched his own signature mobile device cases for the iPhone and Samsung as well as launching two successful Hard Rock Hotel collections in the spring of 2012 and the latest for fall-winter 2015.


Superbowl 2016 Party Project Nightclub • Mondrian Los Angeles • X Country • Mark Wood • Carlos Santana • Neal Schon • SLS Las Vegas • Delano Las Vegas • Great Canadian Gaming Corporation • Hard Rock Casino • Hard Rock Hotel • Shorelines Casino Ontario • River Rock Casino • Marina Bay Sands Singapore • The Parisian Macau • Privateer Holdings • Chef Beni’s Isabela’s • O3 Grooming • The Cromwell • XRocks • XBurlesque • XBurlesque University • Count’s Kustoms • Vamp’d Vegas • Count’s Tattoo Company • Count’s 77 • Kimberly Koker Fashion House • Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics • Flagship Cruises and Events • Emery Academy • Def Leppard • Seth Rogen • Danny “Count” Koker • Cabrillo Hoist • Coronado Ferry Landing • House of Blues • Troops Direct

Design Partners

  • Visionaire Studio is home to legendary Rock Photographer Maryanne Bilham. She is Rising Sun Media’s go-to photographer and frequent collaborator. Most recently, on Hard Rock Hotel signature merchandise and Stabile Productions. Through this relationship, Rising Sun Media provides advertising, digital retouching and composites. www.visionairestudio.com
  • Moku iMedia is a Los Angeles, CA-based Digital Agency where Rising Sun Media provides creative content and film advertising for studios such as  Lionsgate, Warner Brothers and other top players. Content is also produced for Cinemacon Las Vegas and Variety Children’s Charity. www.mokuimedia.com

In the more than six years that I have worked with Albert, he has consistently been a source of creative inspiration coming from a true angle of ‘getting it’ and understanding the vibe that the artist is trying to convey in their brand and their music. Albert always does a tremendous job of creatively melding the brand of the artists with that of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Paul Davis, Former VP of Entertainment, Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

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