iPhone & Samsung Mobile Device Cases

iPhone & Samsung Galaxy Mobile Device Cases

Photo credit Maryanne Bilham

In 2013, I was given the opportunity to design my own signature iPhone and Samsung Galaxy mobile device cases for Xentris Wireless. I took part not only in the graphics but also the unique hardware design in the Samsung Galaxy cases. To me mobile cases are social acessories, much like back in the day when people would take out their cigarette cases at a party to make a statement. I designed studs that lined the case so it not only looks rock and roll, but also helps you hold the phone better. Another unique feature about these cases is that I designed them with a fabric inlay. Just like that guitar case with the velvet lining, your go to blazer with the unique lining, or that sports car with custom upholstery, the same pampering and luxe happens between the case and your phone. Good for daily protection or a night on the town. The cases were launched at CTIA 2013 and CES 2014.

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