One-Off Tee for the House of Blues, Meets Customer in Chance Encounter

This was one-off tee Albert OH designed for the House of Blues. I walked into this place called The Red Coconut at Universal City Walk for a round of Fireballs with some associates of mine during the Wireless Zone convention. I looked over at a couple at the bar as we settled in and noticed the guy was wearing one of my t-shirt designs. I turned to one of my companions and said, “buddy, this is going to knock your socks off.” And he was like, what? I then said “see that guy over there, not only is he wearing one of my designs, but those are my hands in the photo. My companions were shocked in amazement. So we went over to the couple and told them why we were looking him so much. They were just as shocked and amazed as we were. I also happened to be wearing the same jewelry as on the shirt so we just had to take a photo of that surreal moment. What were the chances of this synchronicity, right?? The cool part is we ended up hanging out with that couple all night. They were fun.