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Vegas Seven Magazine • 10/23/13 • Interview by Allison Kyler

Albert OH Wants You To Take a Piece of Him Wherever You Go

Albert OH not only creates the iconic designs associated with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, he now designs cases for mobile devices.

Albert OH has been gracing Las Vegas with his cutting edge rock n’ roll style branded posters, artwork and graphics since 2003. Now he’s putting his style directly into your hands in the form of cases for mobile devices, including the iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S4. The studded, intricately detailed leather cases scream rock star luxury. Made from durable material, they are adorned with the designer’s signature guitar monogram and feature the same fabric inlay found inside musical instrument cases. To us commoners, our phone is our livelihood—much like an instrument is to a musician—and thus should be protected as such. There are six custom designed cases in this collection. The case entitled “Hotel Midnight,” is Albert’s love letter to the funky hotels he has stayed in all over the world.

What is your connection to Hard Rock Hotel & Casino?

I design everything from concert posters to room keys. I also designed The Joint logo. Every time I open up a magazine or pull up to the Hard Rock and see The Joint logo I get a feeling that’s indescribable. I also live in Madrid but travel to Las Vegas once a month. The Hard Rock is my home away from home.

How did you go from resident graphic designer to designing cell phone cases?

I am a graphics guy but I am a man of fashion. I believe that your cell phone is a part of you and should make a fashion statement. I met Oliver Williams from Xentris wireless who is now a long time friend at one of my poster signings and the rest is history.

What music inspires you?

British alternative music and I know this might sound crazy but Depeche Mode. It was the look of rebellion and music that spoke to me.

Does one case stand out to you?

The case entitled “Vegas” is very dear to my heart.

You have your signature monogram on every case. What does it mean?

It means sacred one—it is a symbol of power.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

I never made it as a musician but I found my outlet. I am beyond passionate about what I do, I am very blessed and feel rich in life—and I do not take that lightly.

What’s next for you?

I don’t know what path I’m on but I know it’s a good one.

Available at The Hard Rock Store inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

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